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VoiceKeeper™ converts human voices into non-interpretable analog noises and transmits the scrambled noises over the unsecured telephone network or Internet and then converts back to human voices on the other end of the line by VoiceKeeper™ ASIC chip embedded within the wired telephone recorder, mobile phone, Bluetooth headset, hands-free set, or attached to the various types of voice communication devices.

If you use VoiceKeeper™ products, you can have secured phone conversations over the unsecured land-line, Internet or mobile phone networks. VoiceKeeper™ products protect your voice privacy on the phone without worrying somebody's wiretapping or eavesdropping.

* Product Name: VoiceKeeper™

* Product Keyword: anti-wiretapping, anti-eavesdropping, audio countermeasures, phone security, voice privacy, voice scrambler, telesecurity

* Product Types:

1. VoiceKeeper™ Telephone Recorder Type for Land-line and VoIP phones.

2. VoiceKeeper™ Telephone Embedded Type for Land-line phones

3. VoiceKeeper™ Hands Free Type for Mobile phones

4. .VoiceKeeper™ ASIC Chip set

Thank you for having interest in our new TeleSecurity product, VoiceKeeper™.

In this new product of technology innovation, most of drawbacks and limitations of existing TeleSecurity or anti-wiretapping products are cleared and new features are implemented for the customers.

  • Applicable to all different types of voice communication devices connected to Fixed, Wireless, WiFi, WiMax, or other communication networks by adopting the voice processing ASIC chip which is embedded within the wired telephone recorder, mobile phone, Bluetooth headset, hands-free set, or attached to the various types of voice communication devices.
  • No fixed but dynamically changing key: TeleSecurity key will be automatically updated as one-time key and created newly each time when you make calls.
  • No delay time and good voice quality: VoiceKeeper™ has adopted the world's first commercial implementation of "Multiple Dynamic Phase Processing Technology" which is an innovation of analog voice scrambling and digital key exchange technology to enhance the quality of voice and the degree of security.

    CSMethod,inc is a high tech company that specializes in manufacturing anti-wiretapping telephone security devices (Brand name is VoiceKeeper) which is World's first perfect voice scrambling device to protect your privacy on the various types of phones regardless of wired, wireless, and VoIP devices. VoiceKeeper products are based on our own developed ASIC chips that can be embedded within mobile phone, PSTN phone, Bluetooth headset, hands-free set or Voice Recorder type products which can be connected to the wired or VoIP phones. Our main marketing targets are Financial institutions, High tech companies, Law firms and Lobbyists, Politicians and Diplomats, Military and Police officers. We are contributing to our customers successful business by providing them with the perfectly secured anti-wiretapping devices to protect their valuable intellectual properties and confidential information during conversation over the unsecured communication networks. Currently, we are establishing global sales networks in 26 countries including USA, Brazil, China, Japan.
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